After more than two months of intense preparations, the Parma Suzhou factory in Germany has commissioned the equipment to the best condition, only to show customers the most advanced sheet metal grinding solutions in Europe. We are sincerely inviting our fellow workers to carry the samples to our proofing test.

Opening hours: every Tuesday to Friday

Address: Unit E, 1st Floor, No. 4 Modern Industrial Square, No. 333 Xingpu Road, Suzhou Industrial Park


In order to facilitate our company to arrange time in advance and improve service efficiency, please make an appointment one week in advance.
Please provide the dimensional drawing and grinding requirements of the sample in advance, or send the sample to our company in advance so that we can prepare the tooling in time.

Appointment Contact: Miss Sun

Reservation call: 170 950 69000

Contact email:

Sales micro-signal: pmapacific (17095069000)