On the afternoon of December 19th, the 7th Jinji Lake Double Hundred Talents Commendation Meeting of Suzhou Industrial Park was held in Modern Building. Deputy Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Committee, Mayor Qu Futian, Standing Committee of Suzhou Municipal Committee, Organization Minister Lu Xin, Standing Committee of Suzhou Municipal Committee, Suzhou Industrial Park Xu Huimin, secretary of the working committee, attended the meeting.

Previously, after several rounds of judging, Zhu Yueyang, the general manager of our company, was awarded the title of “Technology Leading Talents”. The “Jinjin Flexible Polishing Project” declared by the company was rated as the leading enterprise growth leader in the park.

Parma will cherish this honor and vigorously carry forward the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in the future development process, work hard and give full play to the demonstration and leading role of leading talents, create value and return the society.