Our value – to improve the grinding environment, reduce the grinding labor intensity!

Pneumoconiosis is a kind of legal occupational disease in China. In occupational activities, especially in the production process, due to long-term inhalation of harmful dust, it causes the diseases with extensive fibrosis of the lung as the main lesions, collectively known as pneumoconiosis.

Mechanical grinding, abrasive material is mainly composed of silicon carbide, therefore, after inhalation prone to pneumoconiosis in the most serious silicosis. Severe silicosis can cause extensive damage to lung tissue, affect gas exchange and complicated with pulmonary heart disease. Silicosis often has no obvious symptoms in its early stage. With the progress of the disease, it gradually feels chest tightness.

Pneumoconiosis great harm to one’s health, is the key to prevention, reform the unreasonable production process, set up a monitoring system for dust, earnestly implement the comprehensive dust control measures, no dust exposure or reduce the inhalation of dust, dust for workers regular checkups, do early detection, early diagnosis, for the early diagnosis of pneumoconiosis patients transferred from dust, and make the necessary treatment, can control and reduce the incidence of pneumoconiosis.

In addition to that,

1. Grinding will produce high-speed particles, which are easy to cause accidental injury;

2. Grinding will produce great noise and damage hearing;

3. Grinding will produce vibration, which will keep the operator’s hands and arms in a vibration state for a long time, endangering health;

4, polishing will have requirements for the operator’s posture, long-term will appear a variety of physical problems, such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, etc.

Parmesan belt grinding machine can realize automatic grinding and reduce manual involvement.

And equipped with a centralized dust removal system, greatly improve the grinding environment of the sheet metal workshop!

Work on site before improvement photo

Photos of site work after improvement