From September 26th to 27th, Parma successfully held the German Parma Sheet Metal Grinding Product Launch & Europe Advanced Sheet Metal Technology Open Day at the Suzhou Plant.

Parma invited some of the most advanced European and American equipment manufacturers in the sheet metal equipment field to participate in the event. The event attracted nearly 200 professional visitors from all over the country and formed a good influence in the high-end sheet metal manufacturing industry. .

During the event, Mr. Qi Junhe, Deputy Secretary General of China Forging Association, made an industry analysis report for everyone, and analyzed the challenges and opportunities faced by the sheet metal industry. The participants benefited a lot!

At the event, Parma exhibited the German Parma semi-automatic double belt grinding machine, automatic double belt grinding machine, robot-assisted grinding system, NS line polishing and drawing equipment, and metal surface efficient cleaning and passivation process, all of which are The advanced nature and design and manufacturing concept have won the strong interest of customers.