Expert of Sheet metal Grinding

Ingeniously condensed, giving noble artistic charm to metal products

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Working location:Suzhou

Job Name:After-sales Service Engineer (and assembler), 2

Age and gender: 25-35 years old (women with superior conditions can relax the age requirement), male

Remuneration: Negotiable

Work Overview: Responsible for the after-sales service and production assembly of the company’s belt grinding machines according to the company’s requirements and work arrangements.

Personnel requirements:


  • Mechanical (Mechatronics) or related majors (above or above);

  • Working in a structured, meticulous, conscientious, responsible, and rigorous manner;

  • Two years of work experience in the mechanical or automation industry;

  • has an electrician foundation;

  • Having good professional ethics, with the professional work standards and good service attitude to make users satisfied for the purpose of work, strictly abide by the company’s rules and regulations, and obey the company carefully All work arrangements, positive and active work; integrity, integrity and fairness; responsibility, teamwork and collective sense of honor, focusing on the company’s interests, maintaining the company’s reputation and keeping company secrets;

Skills requirements (the company will determine salary levels based on individual abilities):


  • Good computer application level

  • Proficient in office office software

  • Priority in English is preferred

  • Mechanical CAD Drawing

  • SOLIDWORK 3D Mapping

  • Software, Programming

  • Photography


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